1 week holiday

Last week I spent a week out of the country. Main destination were the ever magnificent Swiss Alps, hoping to find some snow. Following the sun led us to a lot of different places:

  • the Gotthard line, first time in winter
  • the Rhätische Bahn, meter gauge trains in magnificent landscapes
  • the region between Strasbourg and Saverne, chasing the last months of the Eurocity’s to and from Brussels

More photos of the trip will follow in due time (read: when I have finally finished working on my 2015 photos). In the meanwhile, here are 5 impressions of the trip. One for each day.

Day 1: Gotthard nordrampe

Re 4/4 II, Wassen

Day 2: Gotthard sud- & nordrampe

Re 10/10, Amsteg

Day 3: Rhätische Bahn Albula line

Ge 6/6, Bergün

Day 4: Rhätische Bahn around Bever and Samedan

Ge 6/6, Bever

Day 5: halfway back home, a day between Strasbourg and Saverne

BB 25500, Mommenheim

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