Switch-over at Qatar

T also stands for travel.

Between the train-related posts, I will also publish some travel-related stuff. Today, episode 1.

In May 2015 I travelled to South-East Asia. For less than 500€ and 16 hours of time, Qatar Airways was the obvious choice to get from Brussels to Bangkok. This included a change-over at Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar. This giant airport, and Qatar Airways hub, was opened in May 2014 and is quite spectacluar. A particular detail worth mentioning is the lottery they organize. A ticket costs 140€, but you can win more than a teddybear or a movie ticket: on May 1st, chances were between a Lexus, a Maserati or a McLaren.


Now imagine you win… how would you be able to carry this prize home? I’m sure they offer some special service for that, too…

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