Small trains under a massive structure

Antwerp’s main trainstation is a beautiful monument. During the darker months after rush hour is a great moment to visit and enjoy the atmosphere. The darkness outside and the artificial lighting inside work greatly together to emphasize the magnificent roof structure. Wandering around on the relatively empty platforms and station halls is a good way to relax and experience the vastness of the immense building. December 13th 2015 … Continue reading Small trains under a massive structure

One day between Paris and Dijon – part 3

Making photos of trains is an occasion to discover places that are not so well known. That can be very interesting sometimes. In Ancey, we found a spot to make photos with the town of Mâlain in the background. The TGV’s don’t stop here, of course, but back in the days the town used to be rather important. Witness of this importance is the fortress overlooking town, … Continue reading One day between Paris and Dijon – part 3

T-spots section online

While surfing the internet, I see lots of pictures made at beautiful locations. While preparing for a photo trip, I hardly remember any of them. That’s too bad! I find it very useful to know in advance what kind of locations to expect. It allows better planning of the trip, and returning home with a more satisfying result. That’s why, in the new T-spots section on this … Continue reading T-spots section online