Coal to Ruien: last days

Starting January 1st 2000, the coal-fired power plant of Ruien was supplied by ship only. 3 days before the end of the coal trains to the power plant, and before the end of all rail traffic on rail line 85, a friend an I still wanted to try our luck. My dad would be driving us, as we didn’t have our license yet. It were the first months that I was taking pictures. I am really glad now that we did this.

It was a beautiful, cold day. With a theoretical timetable in hand we first went to the station of Oudenaarde to check if the train would be running. There was a theoretical long stop foreseen in Oudenaarde, so big chance of seeing it here. 6247 was waiting for departure, so my dad drove to Melden, where we could make a first photo of this train. Afterwards we shot the same train shunting cars to and from the power plant, and returning to the port of Gent.

Shortly thereafter, a second coal train arrived in Ruien, this time hauled by a series 51 diesel engine. After this proverbial cherry on the pie, we could return home satisfied.

5 thoughts on “Coal to Ruien: last days

  1. Good Afternoon,
    I’ve just stumbled across your fantastic post and pictures on the last days of coal to Ruien power station.

    I am the editor of Nieuwsbrief, the magazine of the Benelux Railways Society based in the UK and wondered if it would be possible, with your permission to reproduce some of your photographs and article in our society magazine?

    Many thanks

    Giles Mockford


  2. Good Morning,
    I recently stumbled across this fantastic blog post on the last days of coal to Ruien power station.
    I am the editor of Nieuwsbrief, the magazine of the Benelux Railways Society, based in the UK. ( Would it be possible, with your permission, to reproduce your pictures and article in our small magazine? In return we would send you a free copy of out magazine.

    A few years ago, I travelled to the Vlaamse Ardennen as a cyclist (my other hobby) and our brief encounter with Spoorlijn 85 from De Pinte to Klusibergen on our way to the Oude Kwaremont lead to further research into the history of the line and a small article in our magazine (Happy to send you a PDF copy via email)

    Best Wishes,

    Giles Mockford
    (apologies if you’ve already recieved this comment/request from me, I had a few issues with WordPress yesterday and didn’t show the comment as being submitted)


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