Coal, and some history

During the commute home, I had noticed a couple of times a train pulled by an SNCF TRAXX in the early evening. With the days getting longer, a few photo opportunities presented.
We see a coal train coming from the direction of Gent, towards France. The rail line is starting a big S-curve here, that will end up in Gent-Sint-Pieters station. A really long time ago, the line would run straight, in the alignment of the street that can be seen on the right. It would finally end up in Gent-Zuid station. Today the railway bed has been revived by a bicycle highway – a very convenient and fast way to Gent, I must say. Along the highway, if you look well, you can still find some relics of the old line.

A coal train towards France is entering De Pinte. 28.3.2017

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