Opportunities ahead

These Corona-times are strange. Stuck at home, no more physical social contact or activities. As already stated by a few opinion makers, I also believe this void will make place for human creativity to come up with solutions for everyone’s daily needs.

Creativity will also be needed to keep the trains running. Be it on the level of the rail operator, maintainer, supporting staff. Rail is, today more than ever, an essential part of the logistic chain to provide us food and medicine. This crisis may trigger new ways of working that could be game-changers and assist to a long-term modal shift to rail. Fingers crossed.

Returning to my home town after a short photo trip, before turning into my street, I saw some freight wagons standing still near my house. It turned out that one of the wagons had a problem with the brakes. The train driver got it fixed, and got the train back moving when I arrived on the spot. This location has changed quite a bit: as part of the modal shift from car to bicycle, a bicycle highway was built here, together with a fence.

Europorte France with a tanker train in the setting sun in De Pinte. 18.2.2017

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