Some variation in the breaks

You can’t always have drinks on a terrace in between visits when it’s sunny, right? Not always, indeed, so I found myself next to the tracks for a little while, while my girlfriend was chilling out along the water. South of Stockholm’s train station is a bridge over the water, right before the tracks dive into a tunnel.
I didn’t stay that long, really, but got to see a lot of interesting trains besides the frequent commuter trains. A selection below.

Skandinaviska Jernbanor was renting at the time Vectron AC 193 922 from Railpool for its services between Stockholm and Göteborg. They were forced to stop operations by the Swedish Transport Agency in july 2016, but were allowed to continue operations in december of the same year. Pictured is the “Blue Train” to Göteborg. Stockholm, 6.5.2016
A black Rc6 engine of the Swedish national railways with a train to Örebro. Stockholm, 6.5.2016
The Snälltåget to Malmö has just left Stockholm, hauled by Hectorrail’s 242 531, the same one that brought us to the Swedish captial. Stockholm, 6.5.2016

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