The green heart of industry

With the end of the day approaching, my two very kind photo-colleagues took me to a spot in Bösinghoven. The wide open plain allowing for long light, and making you basically forget you’re in the heart of Germany’s heavy industry.
We saw more NordWestBahn Lint41 motorcars, a Talent 2 electric unit operated by National Express, and one freight train. Someone forgot to put containers on the first half of the train 🙂
This is where my way and the one of my colleagues split. A big thank you to CFL1800 and Peter Gootzen for showing me the way!

NWB 648 435 with a train from Kleve to Düsseldorf. Bösinghoven, 17.3.2016
National Express 9442 373 with unknown origin and destination. Bösinghoven, 17.3.2016
DB’s Traxx AC 145 068 with a container train. Bösinghoven, 17.3.2016
Last rays of sun on this train composed of Lint41 motorcars. Bösinghoven, 17.3.2016

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