30 minutes of joy

The original plan was to move on east on the second day of our trip. During the break in train traffic the day before though, we walked past a spot that looked well worth trying with morning light. So, after a good night of sleep, we found ourselves back in the hills east of Bealville. Fingers crossed for more traffic than the day before… we didn’t have to wait long this time. A rumble far in the distance announced something coming over the hill. Is it a monster? 3 Union Pacific beasts are pulling a long train of military vehicles, creeping slowly but steadily through the curves, in front of the lenses of 2 enthusiast Belgian photographers. When the last cars disappeared in the tunnel below us, 30 minutes had passed since first hearing the train.

UP 8347 + 4100 + 4458, Bealville (CA) 26-5-2014
UP 8347 with a long and heavy military train. Bealville (CA), 26.5.2014

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