A well used tunnel

When out shooting, one of my goals is to not make two photos from the same point of view. Always try different angles. Unless I want the conditions to be exactly on the spot, of course. So, when the next eastbound train announced itself, I set up to shoot the photo that will follow next, but first made this image of the portal of the tunnel.
If I’m not mistaken, this tunnel doesn’t exist anymore today. It was torn down in order to allow a second track to be built. The mostly single tracked line suffers from capacity constraints on certain moments, indeed. The black strokes above the portal illustrate the tunnel’s intense use.

BNSF 4345 emerging from tunnel 10. Walong (CA), 25.5.2014
BNSF 4345 emerging from tunnel 10. Walong (CA), 25.5.2014

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