The loop

1 day. That’s what it takes to get from Brussels to the west coast of the United States. The flight brought my friend and I safely to San Francisco International Airport. I recommend visiting San Francisco, it’s a nice city. I visited a couple of years ago already though, and the longing for adventure in the wide open was too strong… so after getting our rental vehicle we drove off to Tehachapi to spend the night.

You may recognise the name Tehachapi. It’s made famous by a loop in the railroad, leading the train over itself. The loop itself is located in Walong though, a 20 minute drive from Tehachapi. No problemo. Thanks to the jetlag we were able to get up early and start the day on one of the surrounding hills.
On this first picture we can see a westbound train rounding the hill in the center of the loop. It is about to ride under itself.

BNSF 6825, Tehachapi (CA) 25.5.2014
BNSF 6825 + 6648 + 4452 rounding the famous Tehachapi loop. Walong (CA) 25.5.2014

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