After dropping off some cars

A loose engine is entering the Ijsland section of the port of Antwerp’s rail network. It has just dropped off some cars at the Amerika-Zuid section.When visiting the port, I always make sure to check what’s happening at this section. Very often there is some activity, and at the time it still lokked very authentic. Now concrete blocks have been installed to separate rail from … Continue reading After dropping off some cars

One day around Duisburg

Located in the industrial Ruhr area, a lot of rail-related activity goes on in the Duisburg region. The railway network looks like a giant spread-out spaghetti dish – all over the place and seemingly disorganized. Totally unexperienced in this area, I decided to finally start exploring. It was a  rainy Saturday. Thus my main expectations were moody shots in abandoned as well as non-abandoned industrial … Continue reading One day around Duisburg