All about parenting

Last Easter vacation, we spent a family holiday in Coussac-Bonneval, south of Limoges. There weren’t many local trains to watch, but there is some interesting diesel action near Limoges. Inspired by the excellent picture of BramTrains, I made a plan to go after SNCF’s Infrastructure operation to the quarry of Verneuil-sur-Vienne. I only knew approximately when the first of 2 train pairs would return to … Continue reading All about parenting

Vintage diesel in Gent

A bicycle ride around Gent with friends first brought us to the north of the city, to see some passenger traffic between Gent and Eeklo. Even though the bridge still exists more than 20 years later, the surroundings have been modernized in the meanwhile. The passenger train traffic consisted of 62 series locomotives and M2 coaches. During rush hour, also 51 series locomotives were used. Continue reading Vintage diesel in Gent

Finding out how to scan negatives

I started making photos in 1999, in the era of analogue photography. My first camera was a semi-automatic Pentax reflex camera that I could borrow from my mom. The camera has servec e well until 2003 when I bought my own camera, an analogue Canon EOS 300V. While preparing for a long trip overseas, I bought the Canon EOS 300D, to save money on film … Continue reading Finding out how to scan negatives