Nostalgia to come

What is now a classic view may be over sooner than later. The 21 series locomotives are being phased out, just like the M4 coaches. They are now primarily used on rush hour trains, just like the 22 series locomotives with their M2 coaches a couple of years ago. They may seem unintersting now, but we’ll look at the pictures with nostalgic feelings once the … Continue reading Nostalgia to come

Coal, and some history

During the commute home, I had noticed a couple of times a train pulled by an SNCF TRAXX in the early evening. With the days getting longer, a few photo opportunities presented.We see a coal train coming from the direction of Gent, towards France. The rail line is starting a big S-curve here, that will end up in Gent-Sint-Pieters station. A really long time ago, … Continue reading Coal, and some history

After dropping off some cars

A loose engine is entering the Ijsland section of the port of Antwerp’s rail network. It has just dropped off some cars at the Amerika-Zuid section.When visiting the port, I always make sure to check what’s happening at this section. Very often there is some activity, and at the time it still lokked very authentic. Now concrete blocks have been installed to separate rail from … Continue reading After dropping off some cars

Opportunities ahead

These Corona-times are strange. Stuck at home, no more physical social contact or activities. As already stated by a few opinion makers, I also believe this void will make place for human creativity to come up with solutions for everyone’s daily needs. Creativity will also be needed to keep the trains running. Be it on the level of the rail operator, maintainer, supporting staff. Rail … Continue reading Opportunities ahead

About fences

Railway lines usually follow a smooth profile, and their route is therefore very suitable for different forms of soft transport. Line 59 between Gent and Antwerp is no exceptions: a bicycle highway is being constructed on large portions of the line. Extremely useful for sporty commuters.Add to that the inexplicable urge to place fences all over the place -> the bicycle highways are a challenge … Continue reading About fences