Living the day as it comes

Yesterday I made an old-school – non-battery powered – bicyce trip chasing trains. Oldschool in modern times, meaning I first had to bring my daughter to school before jumping on a train. Paperless tickets are good, but can cause stress when you forgot your password. And the backpack didn’t only contain a camera and lenses, but also a heavy tripod and an e-reader. What didn’t change were the lunchbox, which was still warm by noon, and train traffic that got dense when the light went out and it was time to go home.

Arriving at 11:42 and expecting lots of trains from the good direction in beautiful sunlight. Still having to drive 10km up and down the hills. I have to admit is was a challenge to my physical condition. By bicycle on this terrain you plan better and visit less locations. If you let yourself lead by the sun and think before driving, you actually can get a lot out of fun and pictures out of a day on the bicycle. 40km later, with 3000 or so calories less, I arrived satisfied, and right on time, back at the station for the long trip back home.

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