For the fun of it

This picture wasn’t meant to be made originally. I had made a photo of it at 16:45 in Grammene. With no more cargo trains expected and a family waiting at home, I decided to call it a day. 8 bicycle-kilometers later I found the same train standing still at Deinze station. There might still be a possibility. Thanks to the new bicycle highway between Deinze and home, I could speed up a bit and maybe still find a good spot for a picture. But thanks to that same bicycle highway, most good photo locations have disappeared.
At 1.5km from home, I looked over my shoulder and saw headlights in the distance. Time to park the biycle and go for a panic shot. The location is only so and so, but I love the light. So glad I mae the effort.

One thought on “For the fun of it

  1. Die kleuren zijn om van te dromen. Compositie hoeft dus blijkbaar niet altijd bestudeerd te zijn hé Geert. Schoonheid zit soms in een onverwacht hoekje 😇

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