First time around Tergnier

Since a couple of years now, Belgian rail freight operator Lineas is building up a network of train services around Tergnier. I’ve wanted to check this out for a while, and on August 7th of 2020 I finally made it there.
We left before sunrise and started the day at Couvron-et-Aumencourt, between Tergnier and Laon. Lineas, Europorte and SNCF Infra made for a good start of the day.
We explored Tergnier and the lines surrounding, but ended up between Tergnier and Laon again for the next freight of the day. It was afternoon already by then and we were happy that we got some diesel action.
It seemed the end of interesting trains on the diesel line so we moved to the main line from Creil to Maubeuge. It was evening by now, and the action was finally starting. A relief, after a full day of driving around hoping to see something, not taking the time even to eat.
We packed our bags and started heading home at 9pm, when the last light was gone.

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