Dresden, EuroNight Hbf

The journey to Dresden went flawlessly. After checking into my hotel I took a train to Dresden Hbf, where I expected a couple of EuroNight trains. These trains change locos in Dresden, so it was a good opportunity to check out the Czech Skoda electrics, that would soon be replaced by modern Siemens Vectron locomotives.

CD 371 002 with CityNightLine 458 from Prague to Zürich. Dresden, 18.9.2016
CD 371 015 with EuroNight 477 from Berlin to Budapest. The train was braught here by 2 BR101 engines. Dresden, 18.9.2016
DB 101 073 with Euronight 477 from Berlin to Vienna. THis EuroNight is split in 2 in Dresden. 18.9.2016

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