Flandersbach timetables

During my last visit to the Ruhrgebiet, I discoverd the Angertalbahn. I found it a rather busy line, and it seems that impression was correct: meanwhile I’ve gotten the theoretical timetables for trains on this branch line. It turns out there are enough trains to keep stay busy all day on this line alone. Enjoy the information!

Lime shuttles between Flandersbach and Oberhausen-West, operated by Eisenbahn & Häfen (times are given at Flandersbach – in meaning arrival from the mainline, out meaning departure towards the mainline):

  • 95819 is due in around 05:00 (often runs late)
  • 95820 is due out at 06:45 (often runs late)
  • 95821 is due in at 11:05
  • 95822 is due out at 11:45
  • 95823 is due in at 13:45
  • 95824 is due out at 15:30
  • 95825 is due in at 19:10

There are also the DB workings to Flandersbach (times are given at Flandersbach):

Often a Ludmilla:

  • 09:15 GM 60386 Duisburg Mannesmann – Flandersbach
  • 10:30 GM 60387 Flandersbach – Duisburg Mannesmann
  • 19:25 GM 60388 Duisburg Mannesmann – Flandersbach
  • 20:35 GM 60389 Flandersbach – Duisburg Mannesmann

And workings by Mülheimer Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH (time given at Flandersbach):

Black MRCE loco (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

  • EK 54810 11:39 Mülheim (Ruhr)-Speldorf – Flandersbach 13:34
  • EK 54822 17:13 Flandersbach – Oberhausen-Osterfeld O/W 18:30

Black MRCE loco

  • 14:20 GM 47750 Flandersbach – Beverwijk
  • 17:00 GM 47751 Beverwijk – Flandersbach

Rheincargo also goes into Flandersbach twice a day with Lime ‘RSB Logistic’ Uacs wagons (although these workings may have stopped)

  • 08:45 DGS 52693 Neuss Gbf – Flandersbach
  • 09:45 DGS 52694 Flandersbach – Rommerskirchen
  • 16:25 DGS 52690 Neuss Gbf – Flandersbach



One thought on “Flandersbach timetables

  1. I can confirm that the morning train from Neuss still operates (I assume it is still 52693). Interestingly yesterday it was hired in locomotive 264 003-5 from Stock Transportation. However, someone saw it later in the day heading along the Maintal towards Karlstadt am Main, so it does not appear to have returned as 52694. However, today DE92 operated 52693 and would probably return as 52694. I will post pictures on Flickr later. Regards Guy H

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