Have I seen you before?

After lunch in Green River, we started looking for a new photo ocation and found this one. The place is called Cedar according to the Atlas, but apart from a level crossing there’s nothing to see 🙂 After only a few minutes, we heard the rumble of a train in the distance, and a few more minutes later the same coal train we saw earlier … Continue reading Have I seen you before?

California Zephyr (I)

Still in the mood for visiting national parks, we spent the morning of May 31st visiting Arches national park in the south of Utah. Around noon, the desire for making photos was growing again though, and we drove up north to Green River. Waiting for a freight train turned out unsuccesful, but we were able to catch the California Zephyr. It left Chicago 14 hours … Continue reading California Zephyr (I)

One day around Duisburg

Located in the industrial Ruhr area, a lot of rail-related activity goes on in the Duisburg region. The railway network looks like a giant spread-out spaghetti dish – all over the place and seemingly disorganized. Totally unexperienced in this area, I decided to finally start exploring. It was a  rainy Saturday. Thus my main expectations were moody shots in abandoned as well as non-abandoned industrial … Continue reading One day around Duisburg