Morocco day 7: tastes like more

What more to expect on the last day of this successful trip? Not expecting much more, we wanted to check out what the Sidi Kacem region had to offer, before heading to the airport. This time, it was Eurorailer and his sharp eye announcing “something green” when passing the station of Sidi Mbarek Rdom. Turns out nez cassé 1302 had broken down and needed to be evacuated. We quickly found a spot just north of the station and waited. Saw some other trains, a herd of sheep crossing the tracks followed by a shepherd, before finally DF 116 showed up around the corner. That was it, we got our long-desired-for “CC72000” running on Moroccon rails.

Last stop was the gorge just south of Sidi Kacem. Besides seeing some trains, we also had an encounter with a guy driving up to us from the road below up the mountain, in a 4×4 vehicle. He seemed to know Belgium pretty well, but the exact reason why he wanted to talk to us? No idea, after a while he friendly aid goodbye and went back to the road to continue his journey. Shortly after, we also left for the final leg of the journey: to the airport and back home.

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