Some like it hot, and dry

We wanted to make a photo with the Book Cliffs as a background. All we needed was a train coming from Green River to make it work. Unfortunately, we only saw traffic coming from the wrong side. But then, fortunately, this train needed some pushing units on the back of the train. The landscape doesn’t only look very arid, it most definitely was hot and … Continue reading Some like it hot, and dry

California Zephyr (II)

After not seeing any freight trains the day before, we tried our luck again on the Thompson – Green River section. Landscape was looking too promising. First train that came through was the eastbound California Zephyr. Today it was hauled by a locomotive in phase I livery, commemorating Amtrak’s 40th anniversary in 2011. With this photo, I tried a new technique of developping the photos … Continue reading California Zephyr (II)

California Zephyr (I)

Still in the mood for visiting national parks, we spent the morning of May 31st visiting Arches national park in the south of Utah. Around noon, the desire for making photos was growing again though, and we drove up north to Green River. Waiting for a freight train turned out unsuccesful, but we were able to catch the California Zephyr. It left Chicago 14 hours … Continue reading California Zephyr (I)