An afternoon in the Rhine river valley

Where the wine is growing

An afternoon shooting trains along the Rhine river with my good friend Eurorailer started in Boppard. We mainly saw intercity trains, no freight. The sun was there fortunately, bathing the winefields in a warm glow and preparing the grapes for wineyear 2016.

DB’s 101 019 with a soutbound intercity train. Boppard, 26.3.2016

About beeps and clicks

A spot I keep returning to is this one close to Kamp-Bornhofen. Is it because of a previous time when I missed this same train hauled by a black class 66 engine? I had taken a group photo using the camera’s timer a few moments before, and had forgotten to turn it off. And you only notice it when pressing the shutter button results in beep…beep instead of click.

A Winner Spedition train hauled by DB Cargo’s 185 237. Kamp-Bornhofen, 26.3.2016

A railfan’s dream house

This is the last spot of the afternoon already: freight train traffic was scarce. A northbound intermodal train runs through the town of Braubach. “through” has to be taken literally here: it passes right in front of the houses. Considering this is one of the busiest freight lines in Germany, you can understand why inhabitants of the villages are complaining about noise. Let’s hope authorities come up with creative solutions that won’t consist of covering the whole railway line with meters-high noise barriers.

MRCE’s 189 092, running for Italian company TXL, passes through the town of Braubach. 26.3.2016