Copenhagen citytrip

About durable transport

During a 1 week vacation, my girlfriend and I made a double citytrip to Copenhagen and Stockholm. These 2 cities are perfect to combine in a week, if you ignore the fact that travelling in Scandinavia really is more expensive than what we are used to. And even more so when the weather is nice: we spent more time than expected sitting on terraces, with a adrink, enjoying the warm sun.
To move around in Copenhagen we rented bicycles. This is the perfect way to explore this beautiful city in a relaxed way. We experienced ourselves what we had only read before: the bicycle is king here, instead of the car. The city should be an example to plicymakers over here.
Anyway, the bicycle rental was close to the station, so I couldn’t help but pausing on top of the bridge that overlooks the tracks. A train driver is getting inside one of DSB’s ME diesel engines. I was glad to see a couple of these machines, as DSB is planning to replace them in a relatively short time.

A train driver is getting on board of DSB’s ME 1519. Copenhagen, 30.4.2016


Our couple of days in Copenhagen were filled pretty good – we didn’t only chill out on terraces to enjoy the sun. Among the places visited were the church of Our Saviour, the design museum, Nyhavn, Christiansborg palace, the Little Mermaid, Tivoli gardens, lots of designer shops, and the Rundetaarn. In this landmark a spiralling ramp leads up to the top. In between passing visitors it is possible to make some interesting photos.

Rundetaarn. Copenhagen, 30.4.2016