Viaduct of Sint-Martens-Voeren

The concrete viaduct of Sint-Martens-Voeren is an appealing structure to me. Its massive arches make it a very recognisable construction. I can image people finding it a nuisance in the landscape; for me, it’s a lot more. I remember spending vacations in the town as a kid, and watching the trains ride over the mighty viaduct. How you could hear them ride up the hill minutes in advance, before seeing them slowly creep over the bridge. Making my first railroad photos with my dad, during a walk where we, not accidentally, had a great view on the whole structure and the town underneath.

I like coming back here &nd try to do so every once and a while. On 2 occasions in march 2016, weather conditions were all but sunny and I had thought of some views that I wanted to create. Enjoy the result below.

Back to the roots

Besides going to Switzerland with my parents as a kid, we also stayed in the Voeren region during summer vacation. It were fun vacations, and I also have great memories of the trains crawling up the hill towards the German border. Around the viaduct of Sint-Martens-Voeren I actually made my first train photos, only featuring now disappeared locomotive classes.I enjoy going back there. The region is splendid and the trains are still fascinating. On the afternoon of Saturday march 5th I hung around the viaduct of Sint-Martens-Voeren to photograph it from a couple of different angles. Things change, but so far this viaduct has remained how I remember it. Mainly massive and consisting of arches.

B-Logistics’ Traxx 2808 running in the direction of Visé, descending into the Maas-valley. Sint-Martens-Voeren, 5.3.2016

Last-minute perspective

I shot a few more different angles of the viaduct before heading back to the car. As is too often the case, another train came while I was preparing to leave. A quick sprint, as only a railfan who just heard a train can produce it, resulted in this photo. I didn’t think it would work out at first… but once edited I found this one to be one of the better shots I made that day. A reason, I think, is the low perspective, emphasizing the giant bridge.

An intermodal train to Antwerp, hauled by Traxx 186 233, is passing over the final arches of the viaduct of Sint-Martens-Voeren. 5.3.2016

Looking cold

On my way to the Ruhr area, I stopped in Sint-Martens-Voeren again. There was another photo I wanted to make of the viaduct, and weather conditions where such
that it could become an interesting image. This photo is the result.
While some people are standing outside, waiting a train, most of the people in the village try to stay warm, judging by the smoke plumes escaping many houses.
We see a B-Logistics train running downhill, probably with an Antwerp-bound train. It is hauled by engine 186 206, which is currently running for Belgian
company Railtrax.

B-Logistics 186 206, aka 2814, with a train bound for Antwerp. Sint-Martens-Voeren, 12.3.2016