Line 24 after work

Ducking low for the steel train

Working full time and making photos of trains during daytime are most compatible during the summer months. I try to plan a couple of days that I can leave work a bit earlier than usual to hit the road. To maximize the time outside, I keep the distances limited. On July 2nd of 2015, I spent an evening along line 24. The evening started in Hoeselt, on the part of the line where cargo’s run in between the passenger trains. The latter were numerous, and I was happy to get this steel train connecting Châtelet with Genk-Zuid.

I had to duck low in order to hide from view the metal barrier separating the road from the railway tracks.

BLX 1323
Hoeselt, 2.7.2015

Enjoying an evening walk

The quest for some freight trains brought me a bit further south, in Alt-Hoeselt. I parked the car close to the, by insiders well-known, curve and started walking. I didn’t quite find what I was looking for, so this Crossrail train became a “panic” shot. On the photo you can judge the gradient, and thus understand why the loco is spitting out a lot of diesel fumes. You can also see my car in the back, and appreciate the massive *cough* distance walked to get here.

This is probably a train heading from Zeebrugge to Piacenza. The engine is working for Captrain Belgium these days.

ASCEN 266 002 (XRAIL PB 08)
Hoeselt, 2.7.2015

And when you decide to leave…

The sun was finally out and shining from a non-optimal angle, so looking for another viewpoint in the same area was the least preferable option. I decided to head to the viaduct in Visé. When arriving at the car, I heard a rumble that couldn’t possibly be a passenger train. And that’s how I got a photo just past the curve of Alt-Hoeselt.

B-Logistics’ 2829 is pulling an empty car train towards Aachen, final destination and origin unknown.

ATBE 186 221 (BLX 2829)
Alt-Hoeselt, 2.7.2015

Feeling looked at

Not all people find sitting next to the water and waiting for a train a relaxing way of spending your time. Take for exaple the people on the right of the photo, wondering what the weird guy (me, in this case) is doing just waiting there. Never mind, I took my time looking for a viewpoint north of the Pont des Allemands, on the left bank of the Maas river, and stuck with this one.

You see Crossrail DE 6302 hauling containers over the Meuse river towards Germany.

266 034 (XRAIL DE 6302)
Visé, 2.7.2015