Coal to Ruien: last days

Starting January 1st 2000, the coal-fired power plant of Ruien was supplied by ship only. 3 days before the end of the coal trains to the power plant, and before the end of all rail traffic on rail line 85, a friend an I still wanted to try our luck. My dad would be driving us, as we didn’t have our license yet. It were the first months that I was taking pictures. I am really glad now that we did this.

It was a beautiful, cold day. With a theoretical timetable in hand we first went to the station of Oudenaarde to check if the train would be running. There was a theoretical long stop foreseen in Oudenaarde, so big chance of seeing it here. 6247 was waiting for departure, so my dad drove to Melden, where we could make a first photo of this train. Afterwards we shot the same train shunting cars to and from the power plant, and returning to the port of Gent.

Shortly thereafter, a second coal train arrived in Ruien, this time hauled by a series 51 diesel engine. After this proverbial cherry on the pie, we could return home satisfied.

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